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The Last Soldier

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The Last Soldier

You've crash landed in Area 1 trying to deliver antidotes. Defend yourself against the infected zombie soldiers.
You, Together with your unit, were sent on a mission to deliver an antidote to inoculate solders who were infected by a virus that turned them into zombies in a place called Area 1.
But your plane crashed within the area killing everybody on board except you.

It is now your duty to carry on with the mission to look for the antidotes that have scattered all over Area 1.
It is inevitable that you will encounter a lot of infected soldiers so be careful.
Defend yourself at all cost. You must survive.

Move Forward: W Key
Move Backward: S Key
Fire Weapon: Space Bar
Movement Angles: Arrow Keys
Switch Weapons: 1,2,3 Keys
Exit To Menu: Tab Key