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Mini Pool 2

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Mini Pool 2

The sequel of the classic minipool game, various ball formations that you have to clear in the shortest time possible.

This is the long awaited "MiniPool 2", If you have played the first version then you need not continue reading, But if it is your first time, then after you have played this game, you better check out the first version out too....Anyway, you are presented with a pool table that has a formation of balls laid out on it.

There is a Pink Ball, a White Ball and lots of Red balls.
On each level the balls are laid out in a different formation, one more trickier than the last...The balls also have numbers on them, which are constantly ticking down.

The numbers here stand for the time is ticking down.
Each number representing 10 seconds.

The aim of the game is to first pot the pink ball as this usually has the least number of seconds on it and thus it is best to get rid of this ball first.
Then one by one pot the red balls before the time runs out.

The sooner you clear the table the higher the number of points you will accumulate.
All the scores from each level will be added up and in the end you will be given the chance to submit your score to the score board.
NOTING that if you ever by mistake pot the white ball, 50 points will be deducted from your total score.

Controls: Use your mouse to position/aim the cue and left click to hit.