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林可威尔致力于现代通讯技术的革命和创新,使手机与VOIP 技术达到无缝链接,提供超低资费的手机国际长途服务,使移动通讯无国界,让您身在世界各地的亲朋好友像隔壁邻居一样近在咫尺,使用你的手机或固定电话,无拘无束地拨往世界各地。林可威尔为

Hong Kong Taiwan, Province of China

28Tel Hong Kong Taiwan, Province of China28Tel Hong Kong Taiwan

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Lincomycin Will is committed to modern communication technology revolution and innovation, to make mobile phones with VOIP technology to achieve a seamless link to provide ultra-low international long-distance phone charges services to enable mobile communication without borders, so that you are friends and family around the world as the next as close neighbors, use your cell phone or fixed phone, free to allocate to the world.


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