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  1. Tanu

    Your telling about how cold it is in your offcie and workplace reminded me of my nearly 2 years at the Moorhead library between 1977 and 1979. That was the era when Gov. Perpich declared that all public buildings had to turn down their heat to save on fuel. Our director took it all too serioulsy and turned it WAY down so the bookmobile people were in a northwest corner at 55 degrees in the dead of winter ( a verfy bad winter too). I had to work at the reference desk most days and the other ones and me told the city librarian we were going to charge a heavy sleeping bag to the LARL system and cut holes for our feet and sit in the bag when we sat at referene..there was a cold breeze on us from above and we threatened to wear the bag and hop around if we had to get up and show anyone where things were located. We all wore long underwear tops and bottoms plus warm socks and warm clothes. We absolutely froze in the winter of 1978. I have great sympathy for you.


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